2018 Annual Report

This is my third Annual Report for our energy transition project. 2018 was a special year as it was the first full year where we had our Tesla Powerwall 2 in place – this made a big difference! We are now getting much closer to our Fossil Fuel Free goal: in 2018 90% of our electricity came from our solar PV system (60% direct; 30% via the battery (and 10% from the grid)). About 98% of our hot water energy use was from solar PV and about 90% of our EV energy use was from solar.

Petrol is the area where we now need to focus – unfortunately we’re not going to achieve any great reduction in our transport carbon footprint until we are able to buy a new generation EV.  Where are they?

You can download the 2018 Annual Report from here.

You can view an embedded version of the report below.

2 thoughts on “2018 Annual Report

  1. Really enjoyed your annual report Dave. Looking forward to reading about your experiences with the new personal heating devices over winter. I have already ordered my wife a personal heating pad after learning about it through your blog.
    I see your fridge using 350kwh. Have you considered a Chest Fridge like this? http://mtbest.net/chest_fridge.html We have one and I measured the power consumption…50kwh/year! It’s a little less convenient reaching into it vs a conventional vertical fridge, but our family has adapted without much complaint.

    • Thanks for the feedback Nate. I hope your wife enjoys the heating pad – it still works really well for my wife. I like the idea of the chest fridge but I must admit I didn’t get a too enthusiastic response when I suggested it to people: ‘will take up too much space’; ‘I wouldn’t be able to find what I want’. That aside, the energy savings are very impressive and with the right promotion I think it could work for a lot of people.
      Just an update on my 2018 Annual Report. Given the persistent hot weather, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy the Close Comfort personal air conditioner (Figure 30) before the end of summer. We’ve had it a few weeks now and I’m really impressed – gives a very nice focused personal cooling effect when using about 255W. [I guess this would be closer to 300W on a very hot day.]

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