Carbon Footprint of Global Scheduled Domestic Passenger Flights 2012

I have just completed the third book in my aviation carbon footprinting trilogy.  My new book – Aviation Carbon Footprint: Global Scheduled Domestic Passenger Flights 2012 – focuses on the carbon footprint of global domestic aviation but it also captures key elements of the footprint of international aviation.  My previous book examined the carbon footprint of international aviation.  Together these two books provide a picture of the total carbon footprint of global scheduled passenger flights in 2012.

In order to facilitate comparisons between footprints my new book uses the same computational method and reporting style as the earlier books in the trilogy.  In a similar manner to the earlier books, this document is designed as a resource for researchers, industry analysts, policy developers & interested members of the public.

Carbon Footprint Profile Generators – tools which let the user generate carbon footprint information for all the countries, airports & airlines which were involved in scheduled passenger flights in 2012 – can be downloaded from the downloads page.

This is a free ebook and you can download a pdf version via the ‘Downloads’ tab at the top of the page.