2020 Annual Carbon Footprint Report

This short report contains my computation of our our total (direct + indirect) household carbon footprint for 2020.

The size of our total carbon footprint for 2020 was similar to the previous year but its composition was different.  Our direct carbon footprint (petrol + grid electricity) was smaller but our indirect footprint was greater.  The increase in our indirect carbon footprint was mainly due to us having a holiday in Singapore in 2020 as opposed to only flying to NZ in 2019.

We added a 6kW solar PV system to our house in April 2020 and this enabled us to increase our export of carbon free electricity over the year.  Accordingly, we needed to buy a substantially reduced amount of carbon offsets compared to the previous year in order to achieve ‘net zero emissions’ status for 2020.

You can access the report from here: 2020 Annual Carbon Footprint Report

Alternatively you can view an embedded version of the report below.