Tesla + Zappi: The Next Steps

For a whole range of reasons, not least my growing frustration with the lack of Government action on climate change, I’ve decided that I need to take more immediate action to progress our energy transition.

Without getting bogged down in details, I recently came to the conclusion that the best way to move quickly toward zero petrol use in our household was to replace our wonderful (not very old) Gen 2 Nissan Leaf with a Tesla Model 3.  It appeared to me that I will only get full family support for being a petrol free household if we have an all‑purpose EV: an EV that will be a total ICE replacement car.  I was very sad to let go of the Leaf but I’m sure it will find a good home – I believe adding one more great second‑hand EV to the car fleet in Australia can only be a good thing. 

We just love the Model 3!  It has met, indeed exceeded, my expectations. 

In a similar ‘letting go of the past’ vein, I decided now was also the time to retire my much loved ‘home grown’ direct EV solar charging set‑up (I’ve written about this at length in my Annual Reports) and replace it with a ‘proper’ system: the Zappi.  This works wonderfully well!

The photo below shows our Model 3 being charged by our Zappi in our garage at home.

I think we’re now much better placed to become a ‘two EV family’.  Watch this space.