New Book: Our Household Energy Transition

I have just released my latest book:
Our Household Energy TransitionBecoming a Fossil Fuel Free Family.  You can download this from the ‘Downloads’ or ‘Household’ tabs on the yellow bar at the top of the page.  You can also view an embedded version of this book at the ‘Households’ tab.  This book describes our journey, so far, to fossil fuel freedom.

cover pictureI always intended this site to simply be a repository of books/reports that I produce from time to time.  Over the past four years the scope of my work has broadened: I started out in 2012 producing the first of my three books on the carbon footprint of aviation; I then moved on to electric vehicles; and now I have released my fifth book.  While all the books are on related topics, for ease of access I’m placing new material on separate pages.

The aviation carbon footprinting material is still the most commonly viewed information on this site and I am therefore giving this the easiest access – you can view some of this material from the ‘Recent Posts’ links to the right or by scrolling down the home page.  Alternatively you can use the ‘Aviation’ tab on the yellow bar at the top of all pages on the site.  The tab bar also gives access to the ‘Electric Vehicles’ and the ‘Household’ material.  All my publications are accessible from the ‘Downloads’ tab.