2022 Energy Update

Toward the end of last year, we reached 10 years in our house. In effect our energy transition has been underway for a decade. We made great progress in the first few years of the project but inevitably our action has slowed in recent years as we have neared our ‘fossil fuel free family’ target. So I have now decided to no longer produce ‘Annual Reports’.

From now on I will simply produce annual energy updates – these will simply show our aggregated energy use (+some carbon footprint data) for each year.

You can access my 2022 Energy Update here.

As far as I’m concerned there is one big transition step outstanding – the replacement of our aging Hyundai i30 with an EV. I’ve been really heartened by the surge in EV uptake in Australia in recent years, and can now see that it won’t be long before we have two EVs in the family.

Looking further out, I’m keen to get involved in V2G so that our house and EV more or less merge into one single (carbon-free) energy centre. Maybe we then get hooked up to a community battery? The energy evolution still has a long way to run!