2021 Annual Report

This is our Annual Report for 2021. This is in the same format as the previous Annual Reports I have posted. Given the relatively mature state of our energy transition I intend to post much simpler and more succinct annual reports in future. I imagine that they will be in the form of an ‘Annual Update’ highlighting any key events and presenting energy/carbon footprint trends in tables and graphs with minimal discussion.

In summary 2021 was similar to 2020. I think for the first time in many years we didn’t make any major additions or changes to our house energy systems. The big win was in us getting a Tesla Model 3. It is absolutely wonderful! At last we now have an EV which is a total ICE replacement. This means that we can now go on extended road trips without having to resort to buying petrol.

You can download the report from here: https://southgateaviation.files.wordpress.com/2022/02/annual-report-2021.pdf

Alternatively you can read an embedded version of the report below.

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